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An Enchanted Hello

Welcome to my website, my name is El and I started selling my salts after much encouragement from my children.

I custom make Epsom Bath Salts infused with Essential Oils and charged with Reiki energy.

Reiki in itself is a wonderful form of healing. It can bring peace, light, and love to all those looking for its healing qualities. As powerful as Reiki is, several healers have found that adding, mixing various other forms of energy healing enhances the experience.

Aromatherapy is working with scents, holistically treating ailments with the use of scent for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Massage therapy is no longer the only way to use Aromatherapy hence my decision to incorporate it in my salts.

Incorporating essential oils with Reiki allows the scents to enhance the experience of healing, add ambiance to the environment, and can help the client to relax and let go whilst allowing the reiki healing to work.

It is very important to understand the use of any essential oil and how to blend them, you should never take any essential oil internally and always blend with a carrier oil as essential oils can cause skin sensitivity on some and should never be applied directly on the skin.

I'm looking forward to introducing some of my main blends that are popular and hopefully custom making some for your needs.

El x

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