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How others treat me is their path, how I react is mine!

Listening to Wayne Dyer, really helps me process a lot with my self-growth.

At any given moment we all have the opportunity to choose how to respond to the external events taking place in our lives.

How can you learn to control the way you respond to others especially when they appear to be acting angry or deceitful or indifferent towards you?

Every time you judge someone because they are not acting the way you want them to, you lose your connection with them. It's what Mother Teresa meant when she said 'if you judge people you don't have time to love them'.

So what is the solution?

It's letting go of expectations that people in your life should behave the same way that you do towards them.

What should you do with the feelings of hurt or anger or other emotions that come up when you're not being treated the way that you feel you should be?

You have to learn how to sit with that and allow those feelings to just be.

Try to look at them as a gift because it's telling you what lesson needs to be learnt and that something deep within you is waiting to be healed.

Maybe ask yourself what is the person teaching me about myself? And what new ways am I being asked to grow or change?

The moment you release your judgement by releasing expectations and allow yourself to sit with those unwanted emotions that come up for you, you start to develop a way of responding instead of reacting from a healthier more loving part of your personality.

Responding to life from a place of love appreciation compassion understanding and forgiveness is the fastest way to create deeper more loving relationships in all areas of your life. 💜

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