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Karmic Cord Cutting

Cut cords to any negative emotions and receive healing for the soul.

  • 1 hour
  • 75 British pounds
  • Remote Healing

Service Description

These sessions are tailored to removing negative energetic cords that form between people who have caused fear, pain, anger. These energetic cords can be carried over lifetimes and drain your energy for this current life's fulfilment. Cord-cutting can be useful when you have ended a relationship but still feel connected on some level that is not positive. Positive cords of love will always remain connected to souls who are linked. DURING A REMOTE SESSION I will arrange a suitable time to work with you remotely, in 'real-time, so you can create your own healing space to allow the clearing to occur. You must have a safe, uninterrupted space for an hour or more to benefit from the session fully. You may fall asleep during the healing, and this is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. If you are awake throughout the session, you may feel tingling, see colours, feel different sensations or begin to feel deeply relaxed. The sessions I offer works on an energetic level. It is like distant healing, however, working on a 'soul level' with the intention to remove blockages, rebalance energies and bring forth insights. I work with spirit, past masters and teachers to clear, heal and remove issues/obstacles that are allowed to be cleared for your highest good. A SESSION MAY: · Dissolve old contracts and agreements from previous lifetimes, still affecting this lifetime · Dissolve negative cords draining your energy · Remove earthbound or entity attachments · Remove unseen curses & blockages · Rebalance energy between current lifetime relationship breakups · Rebalance soul energy needed in this lifetime · Release fears · Bring forth new insights into current life lessons · Bring forth new spiritual energy PLEASE NOTE: With any session, you must drink plenty of water afterwards and take care of yourself, as this type of work may bring about changes that may take time to integrate fully. This may include a gentle rest of the evening. Please avoid caffeine and alcohol after the session. NOTE: I usually recommend a few reiki sessions prior to a cord cutting in order to prepare you and give you the strength needed to truly release yourself from the past and look forward to the future.

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24 Garleton Court

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